Angelo Valentino – Artist

Why buy Artworks

with Bitcoin ?

The accumulation of this crypto currency is a formidable power, but what do you do with this?

Below is the opportunity, do something groundbreaking, be one of the first to do something too trusting, to give a near stranger a bitcoin (an irreversible exchange) for something basically unknown. No sales pitch, just a polite request to pay today and trust in Art.

Until this moment the buying of art was transactionally a one-way process, controlled by gaping inequalities and co-invested gatekeepers.

The power to change rests in your hands and the artist's as collaborators.

Angelo Valentino

for limited time


One photographic print

for 1 Bitcoin

Signed artworks by Angelo Valentino have never been very simple to acquire. Sold only from infrequent and private exhibitions. Right now is not the best time for great art exhibitions.

For a very limited time and only from this website, if you can pay in advance, you will own a rare commissioned, signed work from Angelo Valentino and (at the current value of Bitcoin) at a very heathy reduction on the price in Gallery.

Here are 3 simple conditions needed to place an order.

1) Tell me in a few words, honestly about a dream, a vision or a nightmare you have had. I will then choose a fitting or make a new Artwork based upon this.

2) All correspondence between us will be confidential and will remain private.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are unhappy with what you receive, just send it back and monies will be returned, minus 10% and costs.

This offer may close at any time, but please know when a fee has been paid, a finished work will be delivered to you.

Price: 1.2 Bitcoin or equivalent.

(inc UK sales tax where applicable)

Night Vision

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