Angelo Valentino – Artist

Angelo Who ?

I am from London. I have been making large Artworks in various ways since 1993, I have been installing Art in public spaces without credit since 1995. I was a very early pioneer in digital Art and digital photography. Some years ago I wrote an interesting white paper outlining how to use the blockchain to authenticate Art and retain transactional control. My work is in major collections and is in even in the hands of some famous collectors. I sell Artworks, I use this money to make the world a better place through Art. It is an exchange, you are much welcome to take part.

Why price in bitcoin? The accumulation of this crypto currency is a formidable risk as it jumps around in value, more than most forms of exchange it’s value is based on the level of mutual trust.

No sales pitch here, just a polite request to trust me and buy an artwork.

Until this moment the buying of art was transactionally a one-way process, controlled by unfair inequalities and co-invested gatekeepers.

Today the power to change the world a little, rests in you and I, as honest collaborators. Please trust me that this work will bring you something you can’t normally buy.


Angelo Valentino


for limited time


1 Work = 1 Bitcoin

(One very large photographic print)

Signed Artwork by Angelo Valentino.

For a very limited time and only from this website, pay in advance you can buy an Artwork.

Here are the 3 things to know when placing an order.

1*) Tell me in a few words, about a dream you have had. I will then choose or make a new Artwork based upon what you tell me, your dream will always remain private.

2) The work may take a little time to produce and deliver, you will be fully informed.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are not happy with what you receive, just send it back. All monies will be returned, minus 5% and costs.

My Promise: If the price and words I ask are received, your new large finished signed Artwork will be produced and sent to you, without fail.

PRICE: 1 Bitcoin or the value equivalent in any other major currency at today’s rate of exchange. Delivery is included.

(plus United Kingdom sales tax where applicable)


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