Angelo Valentino - Artist

myself and I

I am Angelo Valentino.

I was born in London in black and white.

I have been working on large public Art since since I left sixth form college, I am motivated to creating and installing large public Artworks for the love of doing it, seeing each work become real and communication "one to many" though Art, I always work anonymously, leaving works in busy or significant places, eventually taking me far and wide.

I wrote some protocols and principles, and have stood by them.

I continue making public "ART" as often as I find inspiration and have funds.

Over my the last couple of decades, I have done a lot of other things out of interest or passion; including making some Art films, publishing Art books and magazines, working with all sorts of brilliant people as a consultant in various guises, researched psychology, I was a pioneer in early digital Art photography. And might have changed Art a little by publishing an influential "white paper" outlining how to use data technology and artificial intelligence to authenticate Art while retaining transactional control for artists.

I periodically make "normal" mostly photographic Artwork (see below), and sell that, using most of the profits to finance the anonymous public projects. Some of this work has found a home with a few "enlightened" people, in major collection or two, with a few quite famous collectors and once in a while even bought by other Artists and by quite a decent number of normal people who have watched the value double every 2 years without fail so far, Thank you all and keep it up... Life will be so much easier when they sell for a million $ each.

I mostly live in Bayswater, London, I spend some time traveling almost every month. If you would like to meet up in person before buying an Artwork, just get in touch, I would be interested and honoured to know you all.

If you have bought (or are buying) an Artwork - A huge thank you for your belief in Art and trust in this artist, your support is truly truly truly appreciated.

Angelo Valentino


A Large Photographic



Angelo Valentino


(framed + certificates)

For a limited time.

***Here are the things to know when placing your order.***

1) Tell me in a few words, about a dream you have had. I will send a recent or make a whole new Artwork based upon what you tell me. (your dream will always remain private).

2) The work may take a time to produce and deliver, you will be fully informed.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are not happy with what you receive, just send it back. Your payment will be returned, minus 8% and costs.

If paid for, your new large finished signed Artwork will be produced and sent to you, without fail, even if this offer closes. *And after a month , if it is not everything you hoped it could be and more, you may return it for a refund.

Delivery is included. The work is dispatched from Florence Italy or London UK.

(price plus United Kingdom sales tax where applicable)

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