Angelo Valentino – Artist

Angelo Who ?

I am Angelo Valentino I was born in London in the UK. I have been making large public Artworks since before I left full time education, I progressed to anonymously installing my Art in public spaces and continue to do so.

I periodically make and sell more normal room sized Artwork in order to finance my projects, that is what you can buy below. Some of this work has found a home in major collections, with a few very famous collectors and one or two even bought by other much better known Artists.

I was a pioneer in early digital Art & photography. Over my life I have at the same time done a lot of other things; including writing an early and influential “white paper” outlining how to use a technology and artificial intelligence to authenticate Art while retaining transactional control for artists.

I must admit the Robin Hood finance model has often supported my free Art. I have subverted materials and repurposed my assets into art and given this to the world needing little by way of exchange. I don’t wait for other people to give me the permission and money to make Art, I just… get on with it. Sometimes that has been hard for me and some of those around me, but that kind of comes with my choice of career. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and inspired me whether you knew it or not.

I believe in sharing one’s talents far and wide … where ever it could bring change or good.

Finally if you can’t buy a work, because you can’t afford it or can’t take the imagined risk, don’t feel bad: know you are a special type of person to have even read this far, go out and make the world better in some way. I have made some Artwork and left it around just for you, I am sure it will find you.

I mostly live in Bayswater London, I spend time near Arles France and Florence Italy. If you would like to meet up, get in touch.

If you just decided to buy an Artwork, thank you!, your belief and trust inspires me to greater things.


Angelo Valentino


made and signed by

Angelo Valentino


(One very large framed photographic print + certificates)

For a very limited time and only from this website you can own an Artwork made for you, direct from the Artist.

***Here are the things to know when placing an order.***

1) Tell me in a few words, about a dream you have had. I will then choose or make a new Artwork based upon what you tell me, your dream will always remain private.

2) The work may take a little time to produce and deliver, you will be fully informed.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are not happy with what you receive, just send it back. All monies will be returned, minus 8% and costs.

I give you my word: If paid for, your new large finished signed Artwork will be produced and sent to you, without fail, even if this offer closes. *And after a month , if it is not everything you hoped it could be and more, you may return it for a refund. OK?

Delivery is included. The work is dispatched from Florence Italy or London UK.

(price plus United Kingdom sales tax where applicable)

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