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Let's be truthful for a moment, the idea of buying an Artwork of value without ever looking at it, is not what the majority of ordinary people would ever do.

We are programmed to distrust almost everything, even ourselves.

This site is here to be found accidentally, in particular by people who trust in their own instincts and decisions.

If you are assured & can afford the price – just go directly to the bottom of this page, and I will send you a work of Art. I guarantee you will not regret buying it.

Just incase you don't like it, I will give you a refund.

If you remain sceptical and need more information, here below is why anyone who can, should exchange perfectly good currency for a work of Art, purely on trust in an Artist's word, and in so doing, help make a much needed disrupt of contemporary Art.

Technology has given us many thousand forms of irresistible gratification and constant distraction from self awareness. Sometimes it takes a power cut, a black out, to make us look up and slowly recall an important promise we all make to ourselves: To try and have only great people and real things around us that bring value and meaning, not just more noise. But to have my work today, you are going to have to trust me, and for most people that is already way too much.

There is obvious absence of my Art on the internet: the main reasons are copying fraud and exclusivity, in short I just say this:

"I kindly ask that all collectors, galleries and museums that are in possession of my signed artworks NOT to reproduce any copies online, on their websites or on social media."

I like to have a private exhibition every couple of years and sell works: invitations sent, people come, see and buy. My prices reflect what goes into the work, and the rarity, and I sell most of what I show.

Family fed, clothed and iPads for all.

I fully realise what sticking to my principle of "no reproduction online" means, i.e. to some people you are a complete ghost… And to be honest that is almost OK, this new work is beautiful, powerful, and noble, it was not made to entertain the public. I did not spend a decade to just make nice pictures for people to swipe past.

This new series was made to be a perfection, an answer to the imperfect human questions.

Selling this way, it will only belong only to a few self selecting, interesting & sighted people. If you can buy a work like this and take the small risk today, then you are the kind of person that will understand and find this work breathtaking.

About the new works:

"On seeing his work I now totally get it. That any copy of these is seen before the achingly beautiful originals would spoil an opportunity to feel something real, for me it was a wave of emotion, of inner Joy."

Jane Ballentine – Ballentine Collection

"There is something intense locked into these pictures."

Eleanor Golden – Art, Science and Commerce

"Standing in front of the large imposing images, is an authentic experience. These days art is rarely if ever this affecting this dare I say it, compelling."

Matthew Steeples – The Steeple Times

"One of the today's most important artists intentionally working in near anonymity"

Stanton – Arts Review


"I would sell my soul and own one of these"

"Listen to me, I know a thing or two about art, if these are not selling for $1.5m in a couple of years for the injustice I will burn down the Louvre, the Tate and the MET"

"The most beautiful single thing I have seen in my life"

Artist's Statement

Making this latest collection of 48 photographic works consumed nearly ten years, it was exciting to start, but to complete it properly was one of the hardest things I have ever done. An undertaking roughly splitting into five herculean "labours", for my sanity I have to reduced the stages of my journey into these Sci-fi book titles and say little more:

Across the glittering oceans of humanity.

In to the heart of a falling star.

The forest of the lost souls.

Global enchantment. I & II

Between the great storms.

To make this something that can be called Art, beyond just a beautiful visual account of the human condition, needed a wholly different process: to completely obfuscate of all the cotton, hay and rags of life, and to look clear heartedly inward and own the truth of one's time, to exclude repetitions, excise vanities, cut away sentiments, and pull a distilled insight out of meaning, so as to be relevant to others.

Each step a slowmotion battle against an army of monsters, common distractions and life traps.

All this to reach a place where Art has power beyond any sorcery of matter or new arrangement of old words.

If done right, something life altering can happen when enough emotion, experience and human honesty are concentrated in one place. In that moment something strikes deep inside you and the meanings of common words can be changed, and things ugly written can be reset, forgiven, transformed.

Angelo Valentino

for limited time


One photographic print

for 1 Bitcoin

Signed artworks by Angelo Valentino have never been very simple to acquire. Sold only from infrequent and private exhibitions. Right now is not the best time for great art exhibitions.

For a very limited time and only from this website, if you can pay in advance, you will own a rare commissioned, signed work from Angelo Valentino and (at the current value of Bitcoin) at a very heathy reduction on the price in Gallery.

Here are 3 simple conditions needed to place an order.

1) Tell me in a few words, honestly about a dream, a vision or a nightmare you have had. I will then choose a fitting or make a new Artwork based upon this.

2) All correspondence between us will be confidential and will remain private.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are unhappy with what you receive, just send it back and monies will be returned, minus 10% and costs.

This offer may close at any time, but please know when a fee has been paid, a finished work will be delivered to you.

Price: 1.2 Bitcoin or equivalent.

(inc UK sales tax where applicable)

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