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Where? is the Art.

Please read

I am an Artist, and this is my website.

There is no gallery here and I don't show my Art, anywhere on the internet... 

Nevertheless, people can still buy Artwork from this site,

it's quite strait forward:

You "the buyer" pays the full amount in advance, letting me "the Artist" choose the Artwork that is sent to you. You will not know what you have acquired until the Artwork arrives in a big box.

The cost is $80,000*

* One Artwork per buyer. Thirty day return policy. Only one try.

There is considerable mystery as to what you are buying, and it will need a thrilling amount of pure trust on your part.

Worry not, the work you receive will be far beyond expectation and the whole process of deeply trusting another human being will bring you a greater reward.

If you are "in" - here is all you need to know:

Go to the bottom of this page and buy.

It is just 3 steps:


1) Fill text box with your short description of a dream.. 

2) Send the Artist full payment.

3) Give an address where the Artwork is to be delivered.

Wait a little, you will be updated throughout.

Thank you for trusting...

To begin this adventure scroll to bottom of page:

If you are still reading this, you might just be thinking...

"OK..Obviously we are in the crazy part of the internet, or this is all some kind of scam" 

Well...No, not so.

I am not a salesman and I am interested in you for something other than money: I need you to trust in Art and want yo r trust in this idea, you are a part of this Art, and you actions are about to be a part of this Artwork's history.

These latest Works have taken more than 10 years to reach maturity and now each needs to find the right new owner - not only smart investors.

Please read on if you are curious, even if you can't buy a work today.

So the first question I am asked is often: "If you are serious, and as good as to be believed, why on earth sell Art only in this way?

Because it's Art and yes, I am an "Artist"... but also it will make a real difference done this way. You and I and this story will be forever part of the tapestry that forms your Artwork. It will change us both and connect you to the work.

Really Artworks have life, this Art is going to surprise you, and teach us about our trust and maybe expand a few perspectives about collecting art.

You can trust yourself.

Do this and you that you will get more than just an amazing story about how you acquired this Artwork.

I am Angelo Valentino, an artist.

I have chosen to sell my lifetime-best works only in this unique way. That is not because my work is not great and would not sell, it is exactly the opposite. It is because, they are among the greatest works I have ever done, I know you will take a deep deep breath when you first open your big delivery box, and at that moment - the world will be just a little better.

These new works have some magic to affect change in living things. They are worth the suspense.

This project took a decade of constant work to perfect. They leave most people standing in awe on first seeing them. I do not think you would have read this far if you did not have "a feeling" that there is more to this. rust yourself your feelings are everything, when we stop hearing them, we have nothing but a sea of lies to guide us through life.

Let's be 100% truthful for a moment: Almost anyone with common sense will tell you that you are making a mistake...

Today you are not going to listen to them or their "obvious" common sense. These are the people that have so often held you back from all the stranger things in life, the best actions, the exciting and rewarding things. But things of value always have a cost, and a risk.

As humans we are programmed to judge with distrust, even ourselves... and that is a terrible place for any intelligence. As it also holds us back from good change. This site is based on a "crazy idea" that there exist a few people that will trust in their own higher senses and buy. Our feelings do not lie to us, we lie to them. In the past, you probably ignored your instincts and stayed pretty sensible.

Buy an Artwork today, and you will get something of real importance to you.

On this webpage, you can discover your ability to trust your own intuition, intelligent curiosity and natural instinct: To know without seeing when you have found something of beauty and lasting importance.

Here is something about my Art and why you should buy it, with all your common sense intact, obviously!

About my recent works:

"On seeing his work I now totally get it. That any copy of these is seen before the achingly beautiful originals would spoil an opportunity to feel something real, for me it was a wave of emotion, of inner Joy."

Jane Ballentine - Ballentine Collection USA

"There is something intense locked into these pictures."

Eleanor Golden - Chateau la Faux, Pont Du Gard, France.

"Standing in front of the large imposing images, is an authentic experience. These days art is rarely if ever this affecting and this dare I say it, compelling."

Matthew Steeples - The Steeple Times. London

"I could not speak, I felt these photographs touch my soul."

Usher Raymond

"One of today's most important hero artists, working intentionally in near anonymity"

Stanton - Arts Review


"I would sell my soul and own one of these"

"Listen to me. I know a thing or two about art, if these are not selling for $1.5m in a couple of years for the injustice I will burn down the Louvre, the Tate and the MET"

"The most beautiful single thing I have seen in my life"

Technology has given us a thousand forms of irresistible instant gratification and unrelenting distraction from self-awareness. Sometimes a disruption makes us recall a promise we all make to ourselves and break immediately: To have only genuine people and good things around us that bring value and meaning. Not more expensive noise and pretty trash.

There is an absence of my Art on the internet, and this is very deliberate: This is unusual as I have been making Art since before internet Art started, I wholeheartedly welcomed the digital age and used technology with no issue... but I have some strong reasons to keep my Artwork exclusively in real-life only.

In the beginning, it was to stop people from copying my work and to maintain some exclusivity, but there was and is another more personal reason; A phone or computer screen is not the right place to first see any genuine work of Art.

I used to try to have a modest real-life exhibition every few years and show my big works the old-fashioned way: good locations, nice invitations, people come, some people like, enough to buy.

When the internet started to work, as a young Artist I saw the web as a wonderful canvas for new types of Art, but not much as a good gallery for Art with a capital A, so I did something, that was unique and a little rash: I wrote the following letter and sent it to everyone who had collected or wanted to display any of my works:

"I kindly ask that all collectors, galleries and museums that are in possession of my signed artworks NOT to EVER show, make or reproduce any digital copies or images of said works online, on their websites or on any social media, even in an effort to help expand awareness in me or my Art."

Sticking to those principles means that selling my Art is not at all easy. But I am trying.

The work I will send you took a decade to craft and half a lifetime to be equipped to even start. It was a long journey in human time, and distance. Like crossing an unexplored new continent solo and on foot, but in the adventure I found and brought back way more than just hunks of gold in the streams and big diamonds in the sand.

These new works are answers to life's imperfect human questions. In part, that's why I ask you for your dream.

My new work can be bought only on this site. It will belong to a few self-selecting and quite brave people. Please do something many would find incredible and be a part of this amazing journey. I trust this Art will find a way through to you.

Artist's Statement About this Work.

"Making this latest collection of photographic works consumed nearly ten years. It was exciting to start, but to take it to "perfection" was the hardest thing I have ever finished.

To make this thing that can be called Art, beyond just a beautiful visual account of the human condition, needed a wholly different process: to completely obfuscate all the cotton, hay and rags of life and to look clear-heartedly inward and own the truth of one's time, to exclude repetitions, excise vanities, cut away sentiments, and pull a distilled insight out of meaning, so as to be relevant to others.

Each step a slow-motion battle against an army of monsters, common distractions and warm jealousy.

All this to reach a place where Art, this Art, has power beyond any sorcery of matter or new arrangement of old words.

If done right, something life-altering can happen when enough emotion, experience and human honesty are concentrated at one time and in one object. At that moment, something strikes deep inside, and the meanings of common words can be changed, things ugly written are reset, and anything can be forgiven, a life transformed."

Angelo Valentino




A Large Photographic



Angelo Valentino


(framed + certificates)

For a limited time.

***Here are the things to know when placing your order.***

1) Tell me in a few words, about a dream you have had. I will send a recent or make a whole new Artwork based upon what you tell me. (your dream will always remain private).

2) The work may take a time to produce and deliver, you will be fully informed.

3) The Artwork is sold unseen. If you are not happy with what you receive, just send it back. Your payment will be returned, minus 8% and costs.

If paid for, your new large finished signed Artwork will be produced and sent to you, without fail, even if this offer closes. *And after a month , if it is not everything you hoped it could be and more, you may return it for a refund.

Delivery is included. The work is dispatched from Florence Italy or London UK.

(price plus United Kingdom sales tax where applicable)

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